op-End needle bearings are the key components in transmitting the engine’s explosive force from the crown of the piston to the rotating assembly below. Namura’s bearings are manufactured from SCM415 Chromoly Steel and treated using a process called carbonnitriding; this enhances the fatigue strength and heat dissipating capacity of the cage. The overall bearing structure and high rigidity allows them to withstand the significant stress levels created by varying/high RPM’s and the impact of an engine’s stroke.

Another key feature that our bearing assemblies have is a silver coated cage. Yes, the cage that holds our needle bearings is electroplated first with copper and then a second coating of silver to better resist the erosive materials it is exposed to. This coating also decreases the friction between the cage and the bearings allowing for longer assembly life and increased reliability.

09-503-1Wrist Pin Bearing182322
09-505-01Wrist Pin Bearing182222
09-513-1Wrist Pin Bearing162019.5
09-521-1Wrist Pin Bearing202524
09-522-1Wrist Pin Bearing162022.5
09-B001-1Wrist Pin Bearing151916.8
09-B002-1Wrist Pin Bearing182323.8
09-B005-1Wrist Pin Bearing162122.5
09-B006-1Wrist Pin Bearing141817.2
09-B012-1Wrist Pin Bearing141815.8
09-B013-1Wrist Pin Bearing151919.5
09-B015-1Wrist Pin Bearing121714.2
09-B022-1Wrist Pin Bearing182223.5
09-B030-1Wrist Pin Bearing222724.8
09-B031-1Wrist Pin Bearing202522.8
09-B036Wrist Pin Bearing192424.8
09-B037-1Wrist Pin Bearing182219.8
09-B038-1Wrist Pin Bearing152017.8
09-B041Wrist Pin Bearing121514.5
09-B042-2Wrist Pin Bearing121516.3
09-B043-1Wrist Pin Bearing121614.8
09-B082-1Wrist Pin Bearing162019.8
09-B410Wrist Pin Bearing101412.5