2022 Motocross of Nations

2022 Motocross Of Nations at RedBud this past weekend was an absolutely one of a kind…once in a LIFETIM event, and we are proud that we could have been a part of this history in making!

With tents and banners at the multiple team setups in the pit area, ads in programs, logos on bikes, jerseys, as well as all over the facility and media footage, as one of the title sponsors of the entire MXGP event – Namura definitely has gotten a lot of attention.

If that wasn’t enough, with USA team taking the win for the first time in 11 years, the whole event will be a main topic in the MX world for a long time, making this event more unforgettable!

We continue working on brand recognition to build an even stronger company image across the globe as a support to all of our loyal distributors.

Thank you!