Namura Forged won a top spot in 2018 Nifty 50 Awards.

Namura Forged Pistons from Namura Technologies won a top spot in the 2018 PowerSports Business Nifty 50 Awards.
Read all about Namura Forged Pistons below:

“Product Specifications: Namura Forged Pistons from Namura Technologies are available for Honda and Yamaha 250s and 250s.

The Namura forged piston kits arrive with the piston individually wrapped; a set of OEM quality rings packed in their own box, a wrist pin and circlips.”

Unique Features: Namura Forged Pistons offer dyno-proven gains in performance and durability over industry standard 4032 forged pistons. The exclusive forged alloy used offers lower expansion rates, allowing for tighter build tolerances and superior tensile strength at operating temperatures. All Namura pistons come with MOS2 coated skirts and an anodized dome, which increases heat resistance and durability. Pistons with anodized domes are 75 percent stronger than non-anodized pistons.

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