When it comes to upgrading your engine, choosing the right components is essential for achieving optimal performance.
Namura's cylinders and cylinder kits are designed to meet the needs of both casual riders and performance enthusiasts alike.
By offering a variety of sizes, including +5mm big bores, Namura ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your engine rebuild or enhancement project. The advantage of choosing Namura goes beyond just their selection of cylinders. When you opt for a complete kit, you not only get a high-quality cylinder but also a carefully selected Namura piston and top-end gasket kit. This approach ensures that all the components work seamlessly together, resulting in improved power and performance for your engine.


Brand new and designed strictly off of OEM specifications. cast from ab4c aluminum
With nickel silicon carbide plated bore. this allows our cylinders to have some of the best wear capabilities in the market. most cylinders are simple drop in install with no case modifications necessary.


Come with MOS2 coated skits, for increased lubrication during break-in & reduced friction. Namura piston also feature machined smoothed heads for better flow rates and reduced carbon build up.
All pistons are finished with hard anodized piston domes for increased durability. Includes wrist pin, circlips, and rings.

Gasket kit 

Top end gasket kits will offer all components needed to rebuild your top end. This includes: head gasket, base gasket, exhaust gasket, intake/carb gasket, all associated O-rings and valve stem seals for your 4 stroke models